Screenshots: The Downfall of Snapchat

I’m not that kind of woman to lay there and take it unless I’m in the bedroom, backseat, or futon after a few tequila shots and most definitely dinner, but I stand by my actions and fight those small battles that sometimes turn into wars when someone assumes your character is less than equal and slays your reputation. Snapchat has been a blessing as of late, mainly due to the dog filter but I’ll be dammed by the individuals who screenshot just about anything of me. It’s not about the thirst but the appreciation of the female body, when you wear only confidence and find it freeing to be exposed; it’s an art form of expression. Now I’m not saying let’s just broadcast my nipples on CNN but if you’re a lucky individual who gets to see me flawless in the morning just give yourself a high five and keep your mouth shut.

My story unfolds after a night of drinking games with my teammates/weekend squad. Caught off guard I was slightly pulled off to the side and complimented about my body not just how I looked that night but about details underneath my clothes. Fully knowing the person who approached me hasn’t seen a damn freckle on me let alone what I look like naked. I was interested how he knew some huge details regarding my body type and definitely pushed him into a corner and promised to take his lunch money if he didn’t spill the beans. That moment when he gave up the name and my jaw hit the ground, I’m not sure what exactly happen next but I was going through the stages of humiliation, embarrassment, and all around disrespect. As I look around the room, I realize it wasn’t just one guy who saw my goodies but the entire squad. At this point I proudly rocked my scarlet letter of having a great rack and immediately called the person who decided to have share my body and tell all at the bar.

The phone conversation was pointless, pathetic, and definitely petty. He justified exposing me because he assumed every single person in the world has seen me naked and didn’t think it was a big deal and that I was asking for it. As you ponder what “asking for it” correlates to and yes, you’ve thought correctly because I dress with a little less material and a tad more skin. Yes, indeed I’m asking for public humiliation and ridicule from my peers because I choose to flaunt the assets I was blessed with and gallivant around our small town in “F” me pumps and low cut tops. He was going in for the kill when he said “it was payback for having locker room talk about having a one night stand couple months back”. Which I’ll confirm that I slipped and told 2 people of our relation but neither of them went straight to gossip girl and spread the news like wild fire. And it’s not even like that news surfaced right after the incident it literally was 7 months later and I’m still not sure why it was a big deal since guys get an ass slap anytime they add another notch to their bedpost. The double standard for women when we get ours is in no comparison of the praise men get when they get their dick wet. I’m not saying that we as women should flaunt our number count but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor in a relationship or even defining our character.

As we learned in fucked up math problems that two negatives do equal a positive just not in real life, pretty much means your moral compass is broken and you’re an inconsiderate prick that doesn’t understand the phrase “be the bigger person”. After going Ronda Rousey on him and finally accepting the damage was done and my name was slightly tainted even more than what it might already be but I truly accept who I am.  The realization of this story is that women regardless of their status (celebrity or not) are viewed as an object without actual emotions and when we defend or justify our lifestyle it’s seen as a joke. I stand by my actions of expressing my body freely and own up to what I look like, your appearance is skin deep but the fire that lies underneath is what makes you. At first I was mad because it was pure disrespect and stupidity but looking back I could give two fucks who or what people think of me and honestly more women should disregard the opinion of sheep. Enough of my rant choose wisely who sees the goods on snapchatty or bare it all on your story. You can accept that label or throw it in their face, but don’t be that person that plays the game by the rules. Save those videos of them jerking off as your ace in the hole.


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