For the Love of Baseball

I know America’s favorite past time is obviously baseball and well dating apps so what better way to bring people together than finding love in the stands while eating some crackerjacks. Turning up on a Tuesday had a whole other meaning, as I decided spur of the moment to watch a ball game and grab a few beers at the local stadium. Wasn’t really prepared for the next series of events but I’m glad I at least put make-up on and a clean shirt.Normally I’m kept on a short leash while out in public, especially in a large area since I tend to attract trouble. But someone wasn’t watching me close enough because well…trouble found me. Walking back from the food stand, I was spotted by a former colleague and he introduced me to a few of his friends. While making small talk, I was informed it was “swipe right Tuesday” and whomever you matched with on Tinder you would get a coozie and meet & greet with your match in section 25. They had me at free coozie but I was down to find some love for the night. As the story unfolds the guy I was standing next to, we both matched and he by chance was friends with the general manager who then decided to broadcast our love story on the jumbotron. 
Let’s say my exit from the stadium was quite grand as fans were staring at me like they just witness a modern day soap opera, as our love story blossomed before their eyes and one lady even asked for a picture. So if you’re interested you can find me on Tuesdays at the baseball stadium with a walking taco and a beer in my coozie. If you’re lucky we might match and hit a few bases.


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