Always Playing “Guess Who?”

More than often I confuse my occupation with being an actual butcher (kinda crazy because I don’t even handle that much meat ha ha). I tend to cut people for no apparent reason like they are the fatty nonessential part in my juicy yet tender life. So when I get a message from an unknown number or snapchat, I find myself playing an intense game of ‘guess who’ and wondering if I cut the right part or person off.
Accepting the ‘add’ on snapchat and immediately receiving a message with generic questions. I still was clueless who I was speaking to and needed a follow-up picture. That moment when you open the snap and their face appears. Of course, it had to be the guy you only went on one date with and it was obvious it would never work because well I have standards and an actual pulse. My disgusted smirk just sank to the bottom of my gut and he follows up with “what happen? Why don’t we talk anymore?” Trying not to be the biggest bitch ever, I kindly responded to him with “well, I tend to lose interest easily and I guess I forgot about you”. Thought I took the higher road confirming that he doesn’t really exist in my world or Super Mario’s world since he was the one who initially cut ties and didn’t even make past the second level to save Peach.
Good news! I’m pretty positive he has deleted me on almost every social media platform (at least I hope so) and I solved who the mystery person was. You can never be too cautious these days with the men you leave laying around. They might get a crazy idea and think things can work out after 8 months of being rogue and not even bring tacos as a peace offering.


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