Open Letter to the Next Guy

I will never expect you to understand my journey or the choices I’ve made but to accept the woman you have in front of you. You wouldn’t know how to walk a mile in my shoes, mostly because I have childlike feet and I wear at least 6 inches heels but I wouldn’t want to step in yours either. We’re equally tainted and torn from our prior experiences and those weren’t mistakes or regrets but lessons hopefully learned.
Don’t attempt to change who I am, that’ll never get you anywhere but instead lemme be the work in progress. If I change for you consider yourself someone valuable in my life because I live a “no fucks given” motto and if you don’t believe me it’s written on my arm. I won’t ever expect you to do something but instead have you WANT to do it because you see the value in my feelings, opinions, and concerns.
I’ve been called every name in that dreaded book, disregarded many warning signs, and definitely stuck to my stubbornness that has led to me where I am now. If you manage to see the small glimpses of that sparkle in my eyes, feel the warmth of my cold heart, and receive the unconditional love that I’m so willing to give. Don’t neglect the attention you’re receiving, it means I finally let down my walls and letting you see me be vulnerable after countless heart breaks where I’m constantly broken down for being the woman I am today.
Be patient with me even if I have you at an arm’s length, it’s not because I’m not interested in you but I’m still afraid of what you’ll do to me. Even the strongest, most fearless women are hesitant when they’re risking it all on a chance not to be hurt yet again but to feel foolish for letting it happen.


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