Send Nudes

Send Nudes

We’re beyond blessed for the opportunities and privileges we have as the “connected generation” but with great power comes great responsibility. We should be responsible for our actions and give the most basic respect to other humans regardless if their sexual organs look slightly different. Lemme just tell you sliding in those “DMs" is probably [...]

Didn’t Get Enough Treats but Definitely Got Tricked

It wouldn’t be one of my favorite holidays if I wasn’t able to practically walk out with no pants, stickers being acceptable for pasties, and twerking to the Monster Mash. Something about being dressed in costume prior to entering my bedroom just does something for me down there, like I’m a naughty Disney princess waiting [...]

 Just a Bet to a ACEhole

There are so many rules, guidelines, and codes when it comes to relationships that are to be followed or maybe slightly read over, like you didn’t study for that test but don’t want to completely fail at life. I won’t deny the truth that I blurred the lines of many rules in my day, but I [...]